Thread: online resources for win dev?

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    online resources for win dev?

    i am familiar with windows programming but i'm looking for a reference online with functions, constants, anything specific to windows programming that is accessed online. wont be able to continue carting around those bulky books. would be easier to just check online for a refresh and reference.

    any links?


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    Ever tried the famous MSDN? is the main page. Anything you could ever want to know about programming in C, C++, Visual Basic, C#, etc. It's immensely vast, and it'll probably take you a while to get used to it. The first time I went there, I decided it was crap because I couldn't find anything, and it was a month or so before I realized how useful it is, and now, I use it all the time. MSDN has it's own folder in my bookmarks, including....

    Resource Definition Statements:

    Windows Data Types:

    Windows Controls:

    Windows GDI:


    That ought to be enough to get you started. And, of course, if you know what function, message, etc. you need to look for, a search would be much better.
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    thanks, thats perfect.

    are there any resources for C that you know of? again, something of a reference for functions, constants, etc.?

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