Thread: Windows 98/2000 programming in Windows XP

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    Windows 98/2000 programming in Windows XP


    I just have a small question. I acquired a Windows 98 programming book and a Windows 2000 programming book a while ago. I never got the time to read them until recently. Now that I have Windows XP, will Windows 98 and/or Windows 2000 C++ programs work in a Windows XP environment?

    Thank you dearly.


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    Short answer..


    Long answer....

    There are some functions in the WIN32 API (and MFC) that are only supported on certain OS's (usually the later ones).

    Some functions have also been superceded, modified or depreciated.

    Some things are OK in some OS's and cause errors/mem leaks in others. Mostly WIN9X lets you do things the later OS's will complain about.
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    Thank you for your prompt reply. I am getting the compiler today and I should start programming.

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    You should always look the function up with the latest msdn, it usually tells you if the API function is obsolete.
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