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    VC++6 installation wizard

    Hello, I need help to execute my application on other PCs without the VC++6 installed. I can build my .exe, but only copying it doesn't work. I tried to make an installation, but it seems that many libraries/DLLs are not included in the installation.

    What can I do to give away a full installation of my program?

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    Should work....

    if using MFC ensure you have it as a 'static library' not a 'shared DLL'.

    Use PROJECTS->SETTINGS General TAB (top combo box)
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    Thank you. I already use MFC as static library, but I also use AfxDao engine and some Windows common controls and other dinamically linked DLLs ( a long list is shown in the debug window while executing the program in debug mode).

    I'd like that IntallShield found those libraries, which are necessary to run my program, and made an installation with the registration of those libraries/objects too...

    For example, msvcrt.dll is not installed with my program....

    What do you usually do to include run-time libraries in your installation?


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