Thread: Assertion Error with DoModal(), activated from a thread

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    Assertion Error with DoModal(), activated from a thread

    hi, as with the topic, i am a newbie at MFC programming and ii am having trouble with DoModal
    it shows the window but immediately give an assertion error

    here's how the application init looks like:
    BOOL CAsevApp::InitInstance()
    	time_stop_dlg dlg;
    	m_pMainWnd = &dlg;
    	AfxBeginThread ( th_start_accept, (LPVOID)this );
    	return TRUE;
    over here, time_stop_dlg is a class derived from CDialog, without any changes, but has been linked to IDD_MY_DIALOG_TO_SHOW (as suggested by classwizard)

    this is the thread procedure:
    UINT CAsevApp::th_start_accept( LPVOID lpvParam )
        CAsevApp *th_start_accept = (CAsevApp*)lpvParam;
       return 0;
    process_received_msg(buffer) is a function member of CAsevApp
    void CAsevApp::process_received_msg(char *msg)
    		time_stop_dlg time_stop_dlg_obj;
    		time_stop_dlg_obj.DoModal(); // NIGHTMARE BEGINS HERE!

    a snippet of wincore assertion error:
    BOOL PASCAL CWnd::WalkPreTranslateTree(HWND hWndStop, MSG* pMsg)
    	ASSERT(hWndStop == NULL || ::IsWindow(hWndStop));
    	ASSERT(pMsg != NULL);
    	// walk from the target window up to the hWndStop window checking
    	//  if any window wants to translate this message
    	for (HWND hWnd = pMsg->hwnd; hWnd != NULL; hWnd = ::GetParent(hWnd))
    		CWnd* pWnd = CWnd::FromHandlePermanent(hWnd);
    		if (pWnd != NULL)
    			// target window is a C++ window
    			if (pWnd->PreTranslateMessage(pMsg))
    				return TRUE; // trapped by target window (eg: accelerators)
    		// got to hWndStop window without interest
    		if (hWnd == hWndStop)
    	return FALSE;       // no special processing

    vc6.0 sp6

    your assistance please!

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