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    wait cursor

    I have a straight Win32 API app (no MFC), and I want to display the wait (hourglass) cursor while certain procedures run because they take a while. I tried something like this:
    SetCursor( LoadCursor( NULL, IDC_WAIT));
    // my function
    // ...
    SetCursor( LoadCursor( NULL, IDC_ARROW));
    but even though the "my function" section takes several seconds to execute, I never saw the cursor change. My window definition looks like this:
    	WNDCLASSEX wcex;
    	wcex.cbSize = sizeof(WNDCLASSEX); 
    	wcex.lpfnWndProc	= (WNDPROC)WndProc;
    	wcex.cbClsExtra		= 0;
    	wcex.cbWndExtra		= 0;
    	wcex.hInstance		= hInstance;
    	wcex.hIcon		= (HICON)LoadImage(GetModuleHandle(NULL), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_SWITCHCONF32),
                             IMAGE_ICON, 32, 32, 0);
    	wcex.hCursor		= LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW);
    	wcex.hbrBackground	= (HBRUSH)(COLOR_WINDOW+1);
    	wcex.lpszMenuName	= (LPCTSTR)IDC_SWITCHCONF;
    	wcex.lpszClassName	= szWindowClass;
    	wcex.hIconSm		= (HICON)LoadImage(GetModuleHandle(NULL), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_SWITCHCONF16),
                             IMAGE_ICON, 16, 16, 0);
    Am I doing something inherently wrong with these calls, or is this problem more complicated than that?

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    Thank you, that worked well when the mouse is over one of my application's windows. However, is there a way that I can force the mouse cursor to be IDC_WAIT even when it is over the desktop or another window? My program has a main window which is just a menu bar at the top of the screen and then has several dialogs that appear based on selections made in the menu. I'd liketo display a wait cursor as these are loaded (there is background processing that happens before they appear).

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