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    Originally, SIGBREAK is handled in my program --->

    signal( SIGBREAK, (_SigFunc)handle_interrupts );
    void handle_interrupts( int code )
        printf( "%d Signal received. Shutting down...\n", code );
        fflush( stdout );
        logError( "%d Signal received. Shutting down...", code );
        bShutdown = 1;
    But i found that SIGBREAK is raised when a user logs off from Windows. But it is not expected to be shutdown in this situation.
    Then i remark it---->

    //signal( SIGBREAK, (_SigFunc)handle_interrupts );

    Then this problem is solved, but another problem raised:
    When user restarts windows during using my program, it is not handled well. Since my program is about TCP/IP, in the above case, the resources cannot be released. Q is:
    1. Is "ctrl-break" triggered by "windows shutdown"?
    2. If so, how can I distinguish "windows shutdown" and "user logs off" when there is a "Ctrl-break" exception?
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    I think you need to work your program into being a windows program rather than a console program.

    Then you'll get access to all the windows events which tell you things like user logged off or shutdown in progress.
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