Thread: How do I make an un-editable table?

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    Question How do I make an un-editable table?
    (Edit: I Guess I forgot how to use img tags?)

    Obviously I'm not looking for anything super in depth, more like a simple columns and rows like thing. I don't need the user to be able to change the text, I just thought it would be a convienient way to display information.

    I've had a bad feeling that this was going to involve MFC, but I figured if it can be done in that it can be done in win32. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
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    You're not being terribly helpful not describing what it is you actually want.

    One place to start I would think would be to init common controls and create a listview window as a child to your own, giving it the LVS_REPORT style. This'll give you something akin to what Explorer shows you when you select "Detail" from the View menu.
    Of course, it won't look right initially because there are no column headers defined.

    Read up on List View Controls for more info on doing this.

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    Just a quick addition. You can turn on gridlines for the list-view by using:
    ListView_SetExtendedListViewStyleEx(hwndList, LVS_EX_GRIDLINES, LVS_EX_GRIDLINES);
    This should give you something very similar to the Access screenshot. Other funstions you will need are ListView_InsertColumn, ListView_InsertItem and ListView_SetItemText.

    You can find a list-view sample here and more samples at FoosYerDoos.

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