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    Faking USB input

    Does anyone know wether it's possible to fake USB input using the win32 API? For example: even if I don't have a webcam, can I make my computer think there is a webcam attached to one of the USB port's and send images from the "webcam" to an application/the OS?

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    I think you'd need to make a virtual USB hub driver first, as there's no way you could convince Windows to send things "from" the USB ports when it's actually from memory or wherever. You'd thus need a driver to emulate a USB hub, so you can synthesize the lot.

    Of course, you might not be talking about USB ports per sť, because I've certainly never seen any program that specifically looks for webcams on named USB ports (Once upon a time, you could webcams that connected via normal serial ports! Shocking!!! ). In that case, all you'd need is a virtual Video Capture driver, which would be recognised by most video-oriented programs as a capture source.

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