Thread: Adding functionality to controls on a GUI

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    Adding functionality to controls on a GUI

    I am brand new to Visual C++ programming. I started reading a book and the tutorials available here, and started playing with some code.

    I've created a Button on a GUI in a dialog based project. Separatly I've written a console application that does something. Now, I took that code and pasted it in the event description of that Button.
    The original code uses a header file I've made. I've included it in the .cpp sourse for the GUI, but the compiler says that there is no such file or directory.
    Here's are some sections of the code to see where I put stuff:

    // Initial GUI.cpp : Defines the class behaviors for the application.
    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include "Initial GUI.h"
    #include "Initial GUIDlg.h"
    #include <BAFParse.h>
    #ifdef _DEBUG
    #define new DEBUG_NEW
    #undef THIS_FILE
    static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;
    // CInitialGUIApp

    void CInitialGUIDlg::OnOpenFile() 
       FILE *inp;
       int SpaceLeftU, NameLengthU, SpaceLeftP;
       char **Units, **Params;

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    Did you move/copy the header file to your new project's directory along with #including it?, or did you leave it in it's old directory, where your new project has no knowledge of how to find it?

    #include <BAFParse.h> technically should use quotations: #include "BAFParse.h" since it's not a standard library.

    Additionally, if there is a BAFParse.cpp, did you either include it in your project or a library created from it. Otherwise you will have other errors as well once you get the headers problems sorted out.

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    I've added all the sourse files and the header file to the project, and moved all the files into the same folder.
    So the header file problem is gone. BUT...
    I have sourse files for function I've craeted to support the executable portion. They are in separate files, and the compiler gives me this error:
    h:\gui\initial gui\getdata.c(102) : fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive
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    That error sounds like you have not included stdafx.h in the getdata.c file.
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