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    Resource Editor

    Ugh I dunno, I recently upgraded to Visual C++ .NET 2003 over Visual C++ 6, SO many differences.

    Well here's the problem, in the resourece editor, whenever I make a new resource, let's say a menu, it becomes IDR_MENU1, and it just increments over time.

    As silly as this may sound, please forgive me, I cannot figure out how to rename that particular resource to a more proper name for organizing purposes.

    There is no right click-> rename, NOTHING that I can find, any help would be much appreciated.


    I figured out a way around it, but it's most annoying...

    Whenever I have the dialog editor open, I can change the properties for other resources, but as soon as I switch what I'm editing (resource wise) it no longer lets me do that, that's just not right
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