Thread: how to play RM file using Borland C++

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    how to play RM file using Borland C++

    Can any body help me to play rm file in borland C++
    its urgent.

    Do we haveto convert it to other format ifthen HOW >????


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    Hmmm... RM files are RealPlayer files, right? If so, you will have to write a decoder to decode the information stored in those files - and that is both video and audio. This task in itself is HUGE. After you have done that, you must be able to output the info you have decoded. You must be able to handle some audio device to produce sound, and some graphic library to show the video.... So, as u c, this is all but simple.... And if you want it to be done quickly, you will probably not make it.

    But, if you are able to find some kind of library that can decode these rm-files for u, it will be rather easy, since you skip the part with decoding. I don't know of such a lib, but it may well be out there Just try to google it.

    Do we haveto convert it to other format ifthen HOW
    That may be an idea. Converting rm to some other easier format may work for you. You must find some kind of converter which will do this stuff for you. But, again, after you have done that, you must either wright a decoder for the file format you have converted your rm files to, or find a lib which does that for you.
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