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    Directx vs OpenGl

    Which is better? How do they compare? Also, I can't find very good tutorials on either of them so a link would be nice

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    arrh, i got nothing good to say.

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    LoL, it's preference. Research it for yourself, and you'll get better information than from all of our biased minds.
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    We had this discussion long ago with Sunlight.

    OpenGl was my preference, but his reasoning convinced me.

    If you're going to develop on intel platforms, DirectX would be the right choice, as it tracks changes quickly, new features appear as graphical hardware is getting better.

    OpenGL slowly tracks mainframes.

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    Well dirduck, if it'd be that simple! ;/

    The link mentioned by you compares DirectX with OpenGL through 2(!!!!!) lines of code:
    Choosing between Direct3D and OGL is a very simple task. Just choose the one you prefer out of these two:

    glDrawElements( GL_TRIANGLES, ..., ..., ...);


    pDevice->DrawPrimitiveUP(D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST, ..., ..., ...);
    It's like choosing between Delphi and Visual C++ based on following lines of code:

    i : integer;
    i := i + 1;


    int i;
    i += 1;

    Muahahaha ;))))

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