My program requires rsh into another machine to do some jobs, but it looks like that windows RSh always timeout after 2 minutes.

Here is the sample test to illustrate error messages I got:

% rsh localhost /cygwin/bin/sleep 10000 < nul
Terminal read: The handle is invalid
> Recv failed: Connection reset by peer

Message "Terminal read: The handle is invalid" can be igored, but I'm wondering if anyone know how to extend the timeout value so that connection won't be disconnected after some time (approx 2 minutes)?

I'm using rsh server provided by Windows Services for UNIX. And, I read somewhere that I can extend the timeout value in registry,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\RshSvc\DefaultTimeOut
to a new value, but it didn't work.
Did I mistyped the registry name, or edit at the wrong place?

Any help is greatly appreciated!