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    Smile 'C' windows sound program...


    I've made this program by editing a pre-made 'hello world' window. You press any key across the keyboard from Q to P and it plays a sound.

    The problems I am having is:

    1) I wanted to have a menu ( which seems so unbelievably complicated. If anyone knows of a easy to understand tutorial I would be gratefull.

    2) Is it possible to have a picture for a background instead of that defualt white/grey/black?

    Thats just about it. I'vr attached the .c file.

    Any help would be _greatly_ appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klint
    I'vr attached the .c file.
    At the time of this posting, I see no .c files attached to the original post.

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    Thankyou for the reply!

    I think I've managed to upload it this time - I'm not used to these forums yet.


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