Thread: Help w/ DLLs and a Security Prog.

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    Help w/ DLLs and a Security Prog.

    Hi Guys, Long time no see. Anyway i have been trying to make a security encryption type of prgram that forces you to log in then it allows you to encrypt things. The only thing is i wanted it to be so that the password and encryption algorithm would be stored on a usb flash drive. I figured a dll would be perfect for this, can anyone give me and address to a tutorial or other information? Thanks!

    ~PS- I have a computer with Windows XP Home edition on it and i cant get programs to save files to the computer. Any suggestions? The same code works on this computer (WIndows ME) Thanks AGain!

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    Are you referring to an example of the encryption or I/O?


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    If I read this right...

    You want to write an app

    User selects file
    De/en-crypt file

    must store encryption key remotely

    No need for a DLL. A DLL is a library. Allows you to share code between apps. Each key would have to be hard coded into each DLL individually.
    Key is just data so can store as a file.
    Problem is if key gets 'lost' data is also lost..

    Which bit do you need help with?
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