Thread: Win32APi Tutorial?

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    Win32APi Tutorial?

    Hi, I just learned MFC wasnt the only way to make window looking programs.

    Anyone know a link to a win32api tutorial that teachs you how to make a windows looking program, like calculator or a word pad?


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    This gets asked a lot in one way or another so a board search should prove useful.

    Catch22 is very good (for example, supercalc may be of interest).
    Winprog tutorial, also very good, is a useful start.
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    for win32 tutorials this sit eis one of the best I've found.
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    hello every body
    i want to make a c program that accesses win32 program and use some of its options
    i have no experience in windows programming but i am a proffessional in programming using c++

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