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    Simple Menu Questions (And a window question)

    I have 2 questions about menus + windows:

    1. How do you create subcatagories for menus? Such as:

    File -> New -> Project?

    I asked before, and tried what people suggested, but it didn't work.

    2. How do you create lines between two menu items? Such as:


    3. when you create a window, how do you make it automatically maximized?
    I use:
    Dev C++
    Windows XP

    I understand the menu creation process enough to make a simple menu, so don't worry about that.
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    1. MENU Example
    3. Window Styles


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    Thanks a bunch. This helped a lot.

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    As for showing the window maximized, I thought that I'd save you the time of reading through the MSDN section. Here's a quick way :

    ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_MAXIMIZE);

    Something like that. I'd just use that instead of whatever show window function your using. Just what I'd do. More than likely, there's some much more flexible, updated, sophisticated method of doing it, but that's quicker than most.

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