Thread: WM_SIZING Probelm in my application

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    WM_SIZING Probelm in my application

    Hi people,
    I am doing a project for my college. I am doing the UI part using Win32 Api. I am learing wuite a lot from

    various tutorials available on the net. I am through with most of the GUI but only get stuck when resizing of

    controls is required. I have made a couple of mistakes and would like someone to help me out. I am putting my

    code in the following site;Everything is in the Main.cpp file.

    Its not going to be something major to program dude. Its only when I use the Show/ Hide Toolbar and Status bar

    from the View Menu that I get WM_SIZING Probelms. I am not able to handle them efficiently . Please help me

    carry out this. Its just the WM_SIZING in the project. I wuold be very thank full. I am ready to return back

    whatever help if necessary. I have a collectio of Win32 Ebooks and would love o share them with you guys too.

    Thanks in Advance..

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    What exactly is happening when you receive the WM_SIZING message? What are you trying to do?

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    The message the OP is referring to is actually WM_SIZE, not WM_SIZING.

    When sizing child controls in response to parent WM_SIZE messages you need to know the dimensions of the parent (provided by WM_SIZE), the visibility of the child controls (see IsWindowVisible) and, usually, the dimensions of those child controls. Because the visibility of your toolbar and statusbar change, you should take into account their dimensions when resizing your tab control on the parent's client area; using absolute values when you resize the tab control with MoveWindow is causing the problem.

    In future, could you please just post the code you think is problematic with an accurate a description of the problem as you can give?
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