Thread: help with ReadConsoleInput please

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    help with ReadConsoleInput please

    Hi. Can someone see what is wrong with this section of code?

    ReadConsoleInput(hStdin,irInBuf,128, &cNumRead);
    if (irInBuf[cNumRead-1].Event.MouseEvent.dwButtonState == FROM_LEFT_1ST_BUTTON_PRESSED || irInBuf[cNumRead-1].Event.MouseEvent.dwButtonState == RIGHTMOST_BUTTON_PRESSED)
    It works fine on my computer, but when I compile the program on another computer, the program doesn't seem to respond to the mouseclick anymore. Is it a problem of operating systems? (I'm using WinXP, and the other computer is running Win 2000 professional)

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    You're only checking the last input record and your using "==" to check a single bit within the dwButtonState bit-mask.

    Here's part 5 of a nice console programming tutorial - you may want to read all parts.


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