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    Lightbulb Visual C++Toolkit 2003 and .NET 1.1


    I got this question:

    I already have the .Net Framework 1.1 in spanish in my laptop. If I install the Visual C++Toolkit 2003 (which comes in english), will be deleted the spanish .NET to have the one the comes with the toolkit?

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    "When you install Visual Studio, the setup application detects the locale listed in your system and installs the appropriate language template or templates for that locale. For example, for Western European locales, setup installs English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. These languages appear in the Resource language list on the Application Type page of the MFC Application Wizard."

    but it is a MS product so who knows.....[joke]

    If not reinstall the spanish version...

    Just noticed you are not in Europe.
    You could try setting your location (in Windows OS) to Spain and then installing....
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