Thread: .NET Controls without C#?

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    .NET Controls without C#?

    This might sound like an odd topic title. But the fact is that all .net control tutorials I've seen uses C#. I want to use C++. Where can I find examples?

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    Try this
    It's amazing what Google returns when you use it

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    Keep in mind, though, that Managed C++ was never meant to be used in applications. It is primarily a binder language to be used as glue between native C++ libraries and C#/VB.Net applications. It has, compared to real C++, a considerably reduced feature set and is, compared to C#, extremely annoying to use. (Boxing/unboxing and similar stuff.)

    If you want to stick to traditional C++, you might find some luck in exporting the various controls as ActiveX controls, but I doubt that it's worth the trouble. You'll still have all the disadvantages of .Net (large distributable, speed) without the advantages (full object orientation, RAD, garbage collection if you consider it an advantage).

    If you want .Net, use C#.
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    If you want .Net, use C#.
    I've realized that now. Any examples with complete code on that?

    The MSDN ones is a lot of "...." and others require the 2005 Beta 2, which still don't work well in my opinion (ok, this is based on the updated NotifyIcon not working, but it made me renounce it because it reminded of Beta 1 weirdness) yet others relate to databases that I don't want to dig into quite yet.

    It's amazing what Google returns when you use it
    Of course I do make searches but it's to much dissapointments. My idea is not that you should make them for me but maybe that you already know of some good places.

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