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    Screen Snapshot with Cursor

    Hi all,

    I have written a code that takes a snapshot of the Screen and the mouse pointer and generates a .bmp file. I have managed to succesfully capture the cursor location but the problem is that the snapshot generated shows the mouse cursor as a Hourglass icon (or any relative icon that shows a busy state).
    I have used a combination of GetIconInfo and DrawIconEx to do this.
    There could be 2 possible reasons (acc. to me)
    1) WHen the code takes a snapshot of the screen/captures the mouse pointer it temporarily (not visible to the eye) goes into a busy state and that is why the captured image shows that way
    2) I may not have specified everything required to aquire the correct icon of the cursor and so it takes some default icon (which may be the busy state icon).

    I would like to know if the method I followed is correct as regards to capturing the cursor and why it is unable to get the correct Icon of the cursor


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    Welcome to the boards.

    If you just need a default system cursor, then you can get their handles with LoadImage using the LR_SHARED flag - see LoadCursor for the system identifiers necessary to return the respective handles.
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    Hi Ken,

    I don't know what the 'default system cursor' term means. Basically, I just want to be able to capture the cursor as it is while it is being displayed on the window and would like it to appear in the snapshot i take.
    In my case what will be the 'file' from which I would need to load the image when I use LoadImage(); ?
    LoadCursor(); will enable me to get the handle of a cursor 'resource identifier' like IDC_ARROW, IDC_CROSS etc. But I would like to get the identifier of the cursor that is visible on the desktop as I move it on the screen.

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