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    unresolved external symbol

    I searched around a bit and found related topics, not sure if I am just not educated enough in this type of coding but I can not seem to identify where my link to the class and the call to functions are failing to link up. I got 11 of these errors all related to a function in the related .cpp file. Can anyone tell me why it would see the functions but not link to them properly? Thanks

    SymbolScanner.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol SCAN_GetDecoderParams referenced in function "public: void __cdecl CSymbolScanner::SetI2O5DecoderLength(void)" (?SetI2O5DecoderLength@CSymbolScanner@@QAAXXZ)

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    did you use sbe.h ?

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    sbe.h??? I apologize, but I have never heard of that header file. Currently researching it however, there was no listing in any of my include files for MFC 6.0 or embedded 4.0?

    Well, I'm not sure what that means but obviously, no I did not use sbe.h and if is not listed in any ofmy include files, I think it risky.... but thanks for the reply, I appreciate the time invested.

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    > unresolved external symbol SCAN_GetDecoderParams
    Is this the name of a function you've written?
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    If its a function you got from the api, den you might have to include its lib, check its documentations for more info. If you wrote it yourself, den i guess you didn't include the relevant header file for it. ( supposing you wrote the function details somewhere else )
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    Thanks everyone for the responses. I found the problem after doing a bit more searching on this site just as the last individual had pointed out, my function calls need certain links to libraries, which I had forgotten to add.

    I added the files and that fixed the problem. Thanks-

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