Thread: Mapping out a hard drive.

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    Yes, FindNextFile updates a WIN32_FIND_DATA structure in the same way as FindFirstFile.

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    When I tried this:

    WIN32_FIND_DATA wfd;
    HANDLE hFind;
    hFind=FindNextFile("*.*", &wfd);
    MessageBox(NULL, wfd.cFileName, NULL, MB_OK);
    It didn't work.

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    CProgramming FAQ
    Caution: this person may be a carrier of the misinformation virus.

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    Please stop coming to us with questions like, "How do I make a program that does this?" and, "I tried this and it didn't work - how come?" Give us details - always do your part - I couldn't be bothered going through your code bit by bit looking for any possible mistakes unless you give some sort of idea as to what's wrong with it.

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