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    Smile globalalloc function pass

    testd( char *tempd )



    tempd = (char*)GlobalAlloc( GPTR, ( ( len + 1 ) * 9 ) );

    GetDlgItemText(hwnd, IDC_CHILD_EDIT, tempd, len + 1);

    testd( tempd );

    i get type mismatch errors when i try to compile the whole code. these are just excerpts or the problemed part of the code

    this should be just a normal pointer pass from testd but the proto typeing is wrong. the problem is with the GlobalAlloc

    it is the globalallic that is messing this up. i have tryed many ways such as prototypeing it like testd( gptr *tempd ) etc.

    and many others suchas testd( (char*)GlobalAlloc *tempd ))


    thank you in advance


    can you pass to a globalalloc to a function?

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    return_type function_name(list of parameters);

    int max(int n1, int n2); /* A programmer-defined function */
    int printf(const char *format,...); /* From the standard library */
    int fputs(const char *buff, File *fp); /* From the standard library */

    problem was in return type meow!

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