Thread: MingW and windows programming.

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    MingW and windows programming.

    I have (given in to evil and) begun to read Petzold's 5th Edition and I am currently using the GCC-based MingW compiler. I have two main questions (or one depending on how you look at it).
    1: If I would like to make good Windows Apps, possibly on a commercial level, should I switch compilers?
    I know I'm probably going to end up needing a resource editor, etc. soon also, which brings us to question two.
    2: Are there good resource editors out there besides Borlands Builder and VC++?

    Thanks for the help : ).

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    Post This one...

    I have Dev-C++ 4.01 and I can create very pro. looking apps with it. It has a resource editor. It also comes with windows/console examples and icons for your program. Click the link to go to the site.


    C++ Environment: MSVC++ 6.0; Dev-C++ 4.0/4.1
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    Dev-C++ is an IDE with MingW and a WxWindow resource editor.

    An other compiler is Lcc-Win32.
    It comes with an IDE and a resource editor,
    but compiles only C( and not C++).

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