Thread: Interacting with Internet Explorer?

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    Interacting with Internet Explorer?

    Hey, is there any information anyone can give me about the possibilities internet explorer carries with communicating with foreign programs?

    Such as making a designated window out of many IE windows, go to a specific URL.
    Or perhaps search text on it, ect. Just curious as to what is possible there.

    Now i got a feeling i may end up hearing switch to Firefox if i want to do that, which i may, i am just curious as to what is possible and what information is out there to support this in general.



    Actually, is it possible to send keyboard commands to IE?
    The following things would be nice if i could get a hint on what their even called to google it (cant find squat now lol):

    1.) Reading a Page. Perhaps reading the source itself? Though the text the user of IE actually see's would be awesome.

    2.) General Keyboard Controls! Tabbing, Enter, Arrows, Standard stuff for navigating a page without your mouse.

    3.) Giving those commands specifically to an unhighlighted window! ie, have the program highlighted, and give the commands to the designated ie window(s)

    4.) Communicating with specific windows (ie). Perhaps done by getting the window title? but even window numbers could work (ie communicate with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd windows, and nothing else).

    Clues on those would be awesome, i know there are ways to simulate keystrokes to the system, but i would prefer to a window only. But in the worst case scenerio, i could simple give commands to the system itself to go to specific windows, ect.
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    I would think that is what C# is for.

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    well i dont know C#, i'm willing to learn, but i wasent aware it had those capabilities.

    More info would be cool..
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    You can manipulate Internet Explorer via its COM object model. COM can be used from most languages, however it is easier with languages such as VB or C#. For an example of manipulating IE, you could check out DispHelper, especially the iexplore.cpp sample (or iexplore.c). For other examples, search the web for "InternetExplorer.Application".

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