Thread: An application that starts itself after existing

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    An application that starts itself after existing

    I'm writing an application which needs to do some file operations, exist and the start again. The application must exist completely in order to free all the resources (files including itself, etc.) that it is using. How can I achieve this? How can I tell Windows, programatically, that the application must start again after existing completely?

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    do u mean as in start another instance of the program during runtime?

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    You should be freeing all resources your program uses yourself when you're done with them, the only thing you can't do is unload your executable without exiting.
    If you realy want to do this you can either start a new instance and then exit or create a seperate program to start your main program at a certain time.

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    I donít think it's possible to completely close a program all of the way, and then start it back up again on it's own. Once something is dead, it's dead until something else brings it back so I have an idea, why don't you make your program open a small program, then your program closes it's self. Then the small program opens your program, and then the small program closes it's self too. Thus leaving thing back the way they where, just your program was refreshed.

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    ...or just do what quantum said and have the program start it self again (so there are 2 of the same program running) and then just close the first one. . .that way its only a couple lines longer
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    Sounds kinda "virusy" to me Or is this for self-update/patching?

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    dit6a9 this type of action does sound suspicious so please explain what it is you are trying to do and why. I'd suggest doing it quickly

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