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    USB port "monitor"

    I was looking for drivers for nokia ngage for linux but without results... then I was wondering wheter it 'd be possible to program something on my own
    I have no previous experience with any printer/paraller/usb port programming so it's a chance for me to learn something :]
    My idea is: get a program to watch what is sent to/received from usb port in windows and then deduce what to send in order to get some info :>
    I know it's a "little" hardcore but I'd like to do this for fun
    So the question is: Is there any program which could watch/monitor what is sent to usb port and then printing it on the screen[console] under windows? If it's quite short you may post the source here or link to it...


    P.s. I know it's a weired idea

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    If this wasn't your first thought

    Practice until it is.
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