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    Couple Questions, Editbox, ComboBox

    1.) Edit Controls: I'v been skimmin through MSDN, and i believe this is what i want.
    I want a single line input box for numerical data and alpha strings. I always want to edit some of it.
    Now my question is, how can get the editbox window to give me the string it holds? Can you tell me the message or something so i can look it up? I'v browsed all of them.. over and over.. and i'm not sure what is what exactly. Could i just use EM_GETLINE on line zero to get the single line? (I assume that would work, but none the less i dunno if there is a better message for what i want to do)

    2.) ComboBox
    Again, having trouble with the message that would give me the string/item that is selected. I have a Dropdown box style Combo Box, and when a user clicks a button (just as with the edit box), the program retrieves the data from the combo box.
    Could you give me the message to get it?

    Thanks a ton, I'm getting close to understanding things better, i just do not understand what means what..

    3.) Like the combo box's message 'CB_GETITEMDATA', is that the item's string or data assocated with it? And if it is the data, does that mean by good practice and ease of use i should assign each string i assign some data so i can retrieve that? (for my uses though i would just assign the item name as the data also)

    Thanks to any replies explaining some things i'm not understandin
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    You can use the GetWindowText function to retrieve the text from either.

    TCHAR buf[500];
    GetWindowText(hwndEdit, buf, 500);
    Other functions that you may wish to look up are GetWindowTextLength (if you need to allocate a buffer for the text) and GetDlgItemText (if you have a control id rather than a hwnd for the control). Alternatively, you can use the WM_GETTEXT message directly.

    >> Like the combo box's message 'CB_GETITEMDATA', is that the item's string or data assocated with it? <<

    You can optionally associate an additional value with a combo box item. If you have no additional data to associate with a combo box item, there is no need to use this message.

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    Or use SendMessage()


    Search MSDN for 'combo box messages'

    Many controls also have macros defined to do these kind of things

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