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    New personal record

    Just wanted to brag about my recent coding. I managed to create over 500 memory leaks in one compile. Yep that's gotta be a personal all-time high. Debug mode went ballistic.

    That's like a new record for me. Windows liked it so much, it crashed and killed some files in the process.

    Perhaps debugging is an option at this point.

    I created 500 bitmap objects and the destructor did not get called - for one reason or another.

    It was a Kodak moment.

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    At least the application started up ok.


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    near a computer
    Least it was only your PC......

    Not 20 odd PC's, ten miles down a dirt track from the nearest person (and two hour flight from the nearest staff member with a key to get into the sea container).

    After that we had to change the hardware so it would power down any frozen PC's.
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