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    i really don't like using resources so i was wondering if there was directly a way to add an icon to an application by type in the path of the icon. The tutorial gives me this but i can't get the resources to work so i was wondering whether there was a way to load the resource from location from the computer like "\\icons\\icon.ico".

    WndClsEx.hIcon         = LoadIcon(hInstance,
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    >>i really don't like using resources


    "An application should implement custom icons as resources and should use the LoadIcon or LoadImage function, rather than create the icons at run-time. This approach avoids device dependence, simplifies localization, and enables applications to share icon bitmaps."

    To load an image from disk use

    hIcon = LoadImage(NULL,"c:\\somefolder\\icons\\ThisIcon.ic o",IMAGE_ICON,...,LR_LOADFROMFILE);

    remember to call DestroyIcon() at close
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