Thread: A few questions on programs and when they can run...

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    A few questions on programs and when they can run...

    Hi, Just starting to write a program to track all aspects of my pet's health and feeding. I want to make one that will notify the user of the computer when the animal needs to be fed, or when something hasn;t happened for a while., etc.

    1.) I know how to make the program run at startup but how can you make it like one of the little icons in the lower right hand corner of the screen and keep it running but not visible that way when it needs to notify someone of something it can just pop-up without someone having to run the program.

    2.) How do you make the program notify you of something in x number of days?


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    That's platform-specific. Ask a moderator to move this thread to (I'm guessing) the Windows Programming forum.

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    1) hide your main window and use Shell_NotifyIcon
    2)You can get the time with GetLocalTime and you could save it somewhere and check each time the program checks against the current time.

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