Thread: Simple Compile Time Problem - HELP!

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    Unhappy Simple Compile Time Problem - HELP!


    Im new to this forum so please dont flame if this question/problem has come up before.

    Ive just began programming in VC++ for my final year project, and encountered a problem whilst trying to link my code after compilation.

    My basic code (see attached) is compliling fine with no errors or warnings. Its a simple Window with no extra fancy things attached, just the basic window. I know the code is correct but when i try to build this in MS Visual C++ 5 i get this error:


    which leads to a fatal error and ultimately gives me2 errors upon build.

    Im sure this a simple problem but im haveing trouble finding out why and how to solve it.!!

    This is my fist venture in windows programming after having used C for 3-4 years now and is quite frustrating !

    My code is a simple .CPP and .H file please download and try building it and see if you get the same error.


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    Did you search the help file for this error?
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