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    I just started Visual C++

    I've created a basic window using only API in visual C++. Now I'm trying to do some crap.

    How would you do something like change the caption of the title bar at runtime?

    I have the WinMain function and a WindowProc function. Where do you add buttons, check boxes and stuff to your window?

    Where do you add code???

    Thanks for any help. I'm understanding how the window works and all but I'm confused with how I code with it now.

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    try here and, first. it should help. they're good tutorials for beginners.
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    One step ahead of you, I'm there, gimme a couple days to look there again.

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    Ok, so I'm trying to add an ICON to my program
    in "options.rc"
    #include "resource.h"


    in "resource.h"
    #define IDI_KEYLOGGER_ICON 1001

    in "options.cpp"
    #include "resource.h"

    I get an error:
    fatal error RC1004: unexpected end of file found

    it's found in resource.h and I don't know what it means. Help?

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    If I remember correctly (I haven't used VC++ in a while) that means that you have a bracket that doesn't close...Hmm...If it doesn't have brackets, then I must be wrong...That sounds kind of strange...
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    fatal error RC1004: unexpected end of file found
    I get that and it is never a problem in the header file, its always a syntax error in the .cpp file
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