Thread: creating dll's using gcc?

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    Question creating dll's using gcc?

    my question is how to create dll's using the gcc compiler (the one installed
    with Dev-C++ editor)?? what I'm trying to do is create dll's to be used by the
    java native interface under MS windows....thanks in advance
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    Dev-C++ allows you to create a DLL project.

    If you're planning to do it via the console, there's alot of switches involved:

       gcc -c hello.c
       gcc -c -DBUILD_DLL dllfct.c
       dllwrap --output-lib=libtstdll.a --dllname=tst.dll --driver-name=gcc dllfct.o
       gcc -o hello.exe hello.o -L./ -ltstdll
    I grabbed that off the MinGW page.

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