Thread: How to rebuild class view data

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    How to rebuild class view data

    Seems MSVC likes to crash inside of MFC projects with the MSDN help file open.

    Also, it tends to erase some files from your project when this happens. My whole project got fragged and I had to re-do the whole thing in another directory.

    Just in case I ever have this happen again, how do you tell MSVC to re-build the class view data? The file got erased during the crash and I could not re-build it. So since there was no class information, there was also no function 'hints' when you typed in objects.


    CDC *dc=GetDC();


    Normall MSVC comes up with a list box of functions, members that belong to class CDC. However because the project died, this didn't happen.

    My dev time is being prolonged by the fact that MSVC is one of the most unstable compilers I think I've ever used. The wizards have major bugs in them and the IDE crashes.

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    delete *.ncb, *.opt, *.plg, *.aps files in your project. Open up your project and do a rebuild. That usually does the trick.

    Why don't you use another compiler then?
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    I think that if you delete the NCB file from the project, it'll force VC++ to rebuild the class view and intellisense. If I remember rightly that is! Best backup that file before following my advice

    [edit]oops, too late

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