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    "Set the property to hidden?"

    -I didn't ask for that If I recall correctly.

    "Can you tell me the command in C++" - So naturally, can you tell me the command in C++?

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    I doubt your "IT friends" are experts if they cant get rid of it. I on the other would be interested in a progra mthat hides things but thats cuase I just dont want people seeing certant folders. Windows "Hide Folder" option works...untill said people figure out "Veiw>Hidden Folder" Or a simple Locking tool. But it sounds like out friend here is 1 of 2 things. 1 Skiddie or 2: Doesent know how to remove adware

    Not trying to sound rude but thats what it sounds like since he is hell bent on not taking anyones advice. Trust addware can be a pain to get rid of. Took me 9 hours to get rid of a Trojan/Adware program thwe other day so ya.
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