Thread: Editline inside dialog

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    Editline inside dialog

    I have a editline inside a dialogbox,
    how can i transer the contents in the editline into a global character-string, when the user press a OK-button in the dialog?

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    When the user presses an OK-button in the dialog, a WM_COMMAND message is sent to the dialog. Handle it by grabbing the editline text into your global character-string.

    case WM_COMMAND:
      int id = LOWORD( wParam );  // get the identifier of the control
      if( id == MY_BUTTON_ID )
        GetDlgItemText( hDialog, MY_EDITLINE_ID, globalBuffer, GLOBAL_BUFFER_LENGTH );
      return TRUE;

    Forgot that we're working with dialogs. Changed return 0; to return TRUE.
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