Thread: multithread in 98

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    multithread in 98

    i'm new to windows programming, and i want to know how to create new threads, the only thing i can find is on msdn is about createthread()... but apperently thats for windows server editions or whatever.
    i think i read somewhere that winmain() requests a new process slot or something like that, but i know i need more info than that...
    can anyone here help me?

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    You can use the API CreateThread() as long as you're on Windows 95 or later.
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    The Microsoft sample DPchat is a good demonstration of using createthread(). It also creates 2 events for the thread and might be worthy of study for you. It's in the the pre-DX8 sdk packages and can the files can be downloaded indiviually from Icarus.

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    You should be careful using the CreateThread() API function if you use the standard library functions. You can introduce memory leaks.

    I have a basic MT tutorial starting here...
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