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    Bloodshed DEV-C++ Question

    If this in the wrong area I apologize. I did not see a compilier area, and the question is related to windows programming. I have done a lot of win32 and MFC programming with MS VC++ and got spoiled by the drag and drop features. I have tried bloodshed and have like it and like the fact it can still allow me to use native win32 API calls along with several other ones. I am open to change even to gtk or others, I am wanting to know if bloodshed has a drag and drop plug in or package that would allow me the a similier RAD for GUI's like VC++ or borland does. Thanks.

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    I dont know exactly what u mean but i can give you some general hints which may (or may not) help you.

    Devcpp has many "devpacks" which you can use to create GUI's.
    I have never tried even one devpack, and i dont really want to. Some or maybe all need runtime enviremonts to run the executable which i really dont like.

    If i want a GUI i just make a resource file and open it in devcpp and "pellesC" at the same time. In pellesC i can drag and drop GUI components to a dialog, add menu bars etc and when im done i save it. Then i switch back to devcpp and it gives a messagebox that a file has changed and it asks if it needs to update the the resource file. If i press OK and rebuild the program, i get the new dialog. If i need to change something i just go back to pellesC and do whatever i want. Every time i chanced something devcpp nicely asks if it should reread the file.

    I hope this helps.......

    BTW pellesC is freeware. If you only use C you might think about dropping devcpp and use pellesC since pellesC is pretty good to (maybe better since devcpp still is very VERY buggy).

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    There's a variant of dev-cpp that uses wxWidgets, wxdev-cpp that might be of some interest to you.

    >>I did not see a compilier area<<

    There's a limited cprogramming page for compilers here. The faq also has a page which lists more compilers/ides/editors.
    CProgramming FAQ
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