Thread: MDI App help - point me in right direction

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    MDI App help - point me in right direction

    (WIN32 API)
    Im familiar with win creation and controls but Im having trouble finding info on something, probably because I dont know exactly what its called. In a MDI application Ive seen four separate windows in the client area all divided by a " t " shaped bar running horizontally and vertically across the center of the client area, acting as the child window edges ( think 3d modeling program views). Id like to know what thats called and if anyone has any direct links to how to start implementing it.

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    There is no API function to create a splitter window. Those are created by making 3 separate windows. There is a window on the left, a window which serves as the bar in the middle, and a window on the right.

    If you are using MFC, then you can use the CSplitterWnd control which does all the hard work for you.

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