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    Question Printing from my GUI

    Hello all,

    I am wanting how to learn to be able to send output to the printer via my program. The output would be mostly text, with a posiblility of a graphic (i have not decided on the graphic thing yet, I dont know how to manipulate graphics yet). I dont even know where to begin to send output to a printer.

    Does the code I write have to be specific to a certain pritner, or does it just call the printer driver written by the manufacture. I have been reading Programming Windows 5th edition, and I see in there thaty they talk about printing, but I am confused. Any help would be great!

    If somebody could post a code example that would help out a lot. Thanks for your time

    - Brice

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    Try a search for say threads called 'Printing'

    Windows printing is MUCH more complicated than DOS / console printing.
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