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    Tree-view label colors


    I'm using CVI/LabWindows as the RTE. Since the older Version 5.5 doesn't have a tree-view I made one up using the standard WinAPI by putting the tree-view into a wrapping window of the same size. So now I get the standard messages the tree-view sends to its parent (thus my own wrapping window) and can react to them - such as WM_NOTIFIY. I've implemented functions as Drag&Drop and label editing so far.

    Now, I also need to associate a color with each item. I could use the images for that but apparently I already use them for different information. Now I would like to have the labels a certain color. Or if possible draw some whitespaces with a specific background color.l

    I think I already read, that by standard the tree-view does not allow colors for the item labels. I also found the Microsoft example CustomDraw but I can't figure out how it's working.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Thanks allot. I wouldn't have thought it was THAT easy. I was more or less just looking for the wrong key words.


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