Thread: Detecting the current instance of exe file

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    Detecting the current instance of exe file

    How can we detect that the currnet instance of an exe file is running already or not?

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    there is an easy way and a correct way....

    1) the correct way is to use mutexes..... not too easy.

    2) the easy way is to get your program to open a dummy file and check beforehand whether that file is already open.If it is you have a previous instance running and can exit or whatever!
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Why are mutexes hard? Just call CreateMutex() with a specific name then call GetLastError() if the mutex alredy existed, then GetLastError() returns ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS, so you know another copy is running and you can exit. Easy.
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    hMapping = CreateFileMapping((HANDLE)0xffffffff, NULL, PAGE_READONLY, 0, 32, "MyExeMAP");

    if (hMapping)// Check to see if app is already running, if so exit
    if (GetLastError() == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS)
    MessageBox(NULL, "My Exe is already running.", "Error", MB_OK);
    MessageBox(NULL, "Error creating file mapping.", "Error", MB_OK);

    These are the first lines of code in your WINMAIN function.

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