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    simple question.

    i hope im posting on the right forum. ok so yesterday i finished a simple program in C. the program reads from a file and outputs some results.

    what i was thinking is to give the program GUI, a "face lift" so when you launch the .exe instead of getting the dos window, you get a window like the one you get when you click on Run. with 2 buttons OK and Close.

    Im using microsoft visual c++, what do i need to learn in order to do that? any books or simple tutorials?
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    Well, you would need to learn windows programming. Which is not an easy task. I would wait on that until you are more comfortable with C or C++.

    This is a good free online tutorial.
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    thanks for the link and the suggestion. i think ill go that way then
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    Here is one tutorial - but warning: you should not go with that tutorial unless you know much about Object-Oriented programming and a lot about C++...
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    Since you're using MS Visual C++

    I figure you must be programming for windows.

    I highly recommend the Petzold book, "Programming Windows 95" or his "Programming Windows 98." It is really great for us beginner Windows programmers.

    C is a really great and simple language IMHO. You should pick it up fast.

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