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    Folder listing

    Hi using MFC how could I go about getting the listing of folder on a certain drive, say I get the user to choose the drive from a drop down box, how can i then look at that drives contents, but specifically folders.

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    Thanks, that will probably help, it's gonna take me a while to understand it properly though.
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    Another possibility is to use a CListBox control and fill it up with file/directory names with the DlgDirList api. Something like:
    //get length of path to windows dir
    int len=GetEnvironmentVariable("windir",0,0);
    if (len)
      char *path=new char[len+1];
      //fill listbox with file/directory names
      int ret=::DlgDirList(*this,path,IDC_LIST1, IDC_STATIC_DIR,
      delete[] path;
    where this is the CWnd parent object of the CListBox control, IDC_LIST1 is the listbox id and IDC_STATIC_DIR the id of a 'buddy' static control. You might have to fiddle around a bit to get a format to suit (eg. convert short to long filenames).

    I don't use mfc much so there may be a more mfc friendly way of implementing this approach that others may be able to suggest.
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