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    Question Progress Bar


    I am writting a FTP application (VC++ MFC). I want to show a progress bar to indicated the 'progress' of the file transfer.

    How can I get the progress bar to accuratley show how much of the file has been transfered.

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    When you browse the FTPserver, i guess you retrieve info about the file, like it's size..?
    The prograss bar's max value is then 100%, and you update the progress bar as you download...

    This will only work if you're at the winsock level..If you use the FTP commands from Wininet.dll, i don't think you can display progress..

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    If you have such attributes as the file's length (eg 23456 bytes) and the current byte being transferred (eg 678), calculate the % via

    (transferred / length) * 100 = percent;

    Use a send message to the Dialog Control to update the % shown

    Not sure at the moment on the Message to send .. you may need to look it up in MSDN

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    I looked it up on MSDN and found this:
    Hope that's what you're looking for.
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