Thread: Getting librarys, and d3d to work.

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    Getting librarys, and d3d to work.

    I've been trying to get header files for d3d to work, I took a tutorial then tryed to compile my project but got errors from certain things, like d3d9.h not existing, etc. I was wondering how I could get a complete list of what I need for Direct X, and other libs. Im getting very confused. Im extremely new at C++, and just got through the basic tutorials, and learning windows API. Im a very fast learner and understood all of it(still havin trouble with those classes :P ). I forgot to learn more about using compilers and including headers, etc. :P

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    Look here .

    As a word of advice it is better not to try to get into the windows API and things like DirectX until you have a firm grasp of the C++ language. You will wind up just needlessly frustrating yourself.

    Additionally ensure that you have the SDK in your include list for your compiler. or you could try explicitly including all the header files yourself, like:
    #include "C:\DirectX9.0\SDK\include\d3d9.h"
    DirectX also requires certain libraries to be included so ensure those are part of your project.
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