Thread: Copying the resources between projects

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    Copying the resources between projects

    I was wondering if there was a way to import the dialogs, Icons, bitmap and all other resources from one project to another in MSVS .NET 2003. Thanks

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    You could always just include the .rc and .h files for the resources created in one project to another. Unless your meaning a more of "stealing" method from one program to another?


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    I tried copying the rc and Resource.h file but when I compile the new program, I get a bunch of errors like ID not used and such and at one time it did not even want to open the Resource editor. I guess I will have to find some other way. Thanks

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    With MSVC......

    Add the old projects resource script to the new project (Project->Add Existing Item). This will import all dialogs from the old project.

    In the resource view find the old script, open to the dialog section, drag and drop the required dialog to your new apps dialog section. (There sould be two scripts as root level items in this treeview, oldproject.rc and newproj.rc)

    Remove the rest of the old script by deleting / removing the file from the solution explorer view (file list).

    Rebuild all......add code....done.
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